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Please give us feed-back if you are interested in files that contain compounds that have a predicted biological effect. Please send an email to


Download PCC from, download the data files from the table below.

Unpack the download file in the PCC db folder and copy the downloaded PCC form file to the PCC forms folder.

Start PCC and use the File-Select datasource menu item. Click on the Continue button and open the unpacked spreadsheet. Select the default schema and open the default form.

For browsing/searching the complete database, use the Form-Open menu item and open the downloaded PCC form (extension *.frm).



  Files with  high Pa.
Most compounds are active, many actives are missing
  Excel Format suitable for PCC

Form files for PCC

Database format for ISIS/Base SDFile format InChI Numbers
Some natural compounds
from OWH
naturalcompounds_new.xls pass_complete.frm      
Various screening sample
files with all PASS
parameters Pa > 0.7 akj0506_largescreen.frm
akj0506_smallscreen.frm akb_stock1204_largescreen.frm
akb_stock1204_smallscreen.frm akh0706_largescreen.frm
akh0706_smallscreen.frm akhr0706_largescreen.frm
akhr0706_smallscreen.frm akibbs1006_largescreen.frm
akibbs1006_smallscreen.frm aksbb0706_largescreen.frm
aksbb0706_smallscreen.frm aku_stock_1205_largescreen.frm
aku_stock_1205_smallscreen.frm organics_0104_largescreen.frm
Abortion inducer          
Oxytocin agonist          
Prostaglandin E2 agonist          
Prostaglandin F2 alpha agonist          
Acetylcholine muscarinic agonist          
Alpha 1 adrenoreceptor agonist          
Alpha adrenoreceptor agonist          
Progesterone antagonist          
Acetylcholine release stimulant          
Acetylcholine agonist          
5 Hydroxytryptamine 3 agonist          
Cholinergic agonist          
Acute neurologic disorders treatment          
Endothelin A receptor antagonist          
Endothelin B receptor antagonist          
Opioid kappa receptor agonist          
Glutamate release inhibitor          
Adenosine A1 receptor agonist          
Bradykinin B2 receptor antagonist          
Calcium channel antagonist          
Calpain inhibitor          
Dopamine release inhibitor          
Lipid peroxidase inhibitor          
Nitric oxide synthase inhibitor          
NMDA receptor antagonist          
Cannabinoid receptor agonist          
3 Hydroxyanthranilate oxygenase inhibitor          
Adenosine uptake inhibitor          
AMPA receptor antagonist          
Excitatory amino acid antagonist          
Kainate receptor antagonist          
Glutamate (mGluR1) antagonist          
Allergic conjunctivitis treatment          
Histamine antagonist          
Histamine H1 receptor antagonist          
Leukotriene D4 antagonist          
Lipoxygenase inhibitor          
and 4000 more