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Mesoionic Compounds - SYDNONES AND SYDNONE IMINES in AKos Samples.

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Sydnone and sydnoneimines are mesoionic aromatic heterocyclics, derivatives of 1, 2,3-oxadiazole system. They possess an unique physical and chemical properties, which is result of unusual ring construction. Biological properties of the compounds are of  great interest. The title substructure can be found in the stimulant drugs feprosidnine and mesocarb and the vasodilator molsidomine.
The first review on the chemistry of the compounds: The Chemistry of Sydnone Imines V G Yashunskii and L E Kholodov 1980 Russ. Chem. Rev. 49, 28.

Sydnone, the potential basic pharmacodynamic nucleus has been reported

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to a wide variety of biological activities:

Antitumor (anticancer):

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Antiviral :

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Effective endogenous donor NO:

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Aantihypertensive activity, example






Antiischemic activity

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Antiischemic activity, example






Antithrombotic activity

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Central and peripheral nervous system:

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Central nervous system:

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Fungicidal activity:

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