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CWM Tox Predictor

In silico and experimental results are more reliable if generated with different methods. If the results converge, the reliability increases. For instance, carcinogenicity is tested against a variety of cell lines. Predicting possible indications for a compound works better predicting biological effects for a set of activities, the biological profile. Similar, we want to develop a program that predicts reliable toxicities of compounds by using a set of prediction tools and databases with experimental results. If all the methods converge, we can trust the results. The answer is a spreadsheet giving an overview of the results of all the methods.

This is a research project, and no product is available, yet.


CWM Lead Finder

Software to evaluate quickly with minimum user interaction a database of untested compounds for leads.


CWM Global Search

Meta search engine to search by structure of Internet, including Google, PubChem, eMolecules, ChemSpider, etc.

CWM Tox Predictor

Research project to combine several tox models to see if the answers of different model converge to predict toxicities with high reliability