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PASS Component for Pipeline Pilot

PASS Demo ca. 25 MB




The new version PASS 1.917 is available for a free of charge download. The only difference to the commercial version is that the SAR table contains only 50 activities.

Download a SDFile with acetylcholinesterase inhibitors from MDDR  - MDDR_Principal_AChEI.zip    

These versions support  Vista and Windows XP.

The file sizes are ca. 20 MB. It takes about 3 sec. until the download screen appears, after you have entered the password.

These download areas are password protected. You must have a license to PASS in order to activate the link!

Please unzip the files with WinZip into an empty directory.

PASS and PharmaExpert  
PASS Command Line  

PASS Pro Demo

PASS Professional  
PASS and Command Line  
PASS Professional and PharmaExpert  
CWM Lead Finder  


Up PASS component for Pipeline Pilot